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May 30, 2015

Revison in CPSP's Certification Process-- By Jonathan Freeman


At its most recent meeting, the CPSP Governing Council approved changes to the CPSP certification process. These changes are implemented to strengthen the role of the chapter in the certification process, expedite the certification process, and to contain costs.

The CPSP certification process will move to a two-phase process.

The initial phase of the review will be conducted exclusively under the auspices of the candidate’s chapter, as long as the chapter is in good standing with CPSP and has the critical mass to certify at the candidate’s level (at least 4 certified members holding the certification sought by the candidate). The Outside Reviewer will no longer be a part of the certification process. This change is intended to highlight the role of the chapter (unique to CPSP) in the certification process. The Certification Team has recognized a trend of chapters becoming less involved in the “midwifery” and review of candidates and their work. Many times it is apparent that the chapter has reviewed the candidate’s work and biography, for the first time, just prior to the review with the Outside Reviewer. This is not the intent of the chapter’s role in the candidate’s preparation for certification. The chapter is, rather, intended to be the MOST prepared to speak to the candidate’s work and preparedness for certification.

Prior to the initial phase of the review, the candidate submits to the chapter, or portion of the chapter conducting the review, the required certification documents which are outlined in the Standards. These documents are submitted to the chapter in whatever form the chapter chooses. The candidate’s certification materials will be submitted and reviewed, by the chapter, well in advance to the chapter’s pre-certification review. The chapter may elect not to conduct the pre-certification review of the candidate if it determines the candidate is not yet prepared. If the chapter determines, following its review, that the candidate needs further professional preparation and development the chapter will continue to support and guide the candidate in addressing the deficiency. Once the candidate and chapter agree, the chapter can offer another review process to determine readiness for phase two of the process.

Chapters without the critical mass to certify at the candidates level will conduct this phase of the certification process under the direction of the Certification Team Representative, an authorized consultant, and a chapter that has the critical mass to support certification and the necessary follow up.

Candidates will be recommended to the Certification Team for the second phase of the process via an online report form submitted by the chapter convener (or the convener of the chapter assisting with the preliminary review for those candidates from chapters with insufficient critical mass to conduct the preliminary review). This report is new to the certification process and it will functionally replace the report previously submitted by the Outside Reviewer. The Chapter rather than the Outside Reviewer will report, among other items, its understanding of the candidate’s strengths, weaknesses, clinical and professional functioning, rationale for equivalencies, etc.

Candidates will then pay fees to the Treasurer and submit to the Certification Team the certification materials previously reviewed by the candidate’s chapter. The certification documents will be sent to the Certification Team via Dropbox.

Candidates from chapters who function in compliance with The Standards and who submit a complete file of certification materials will be referred to a four- person Review Panel. The Panel may be comprised of members of the Certification Team and others appointed by the Certification Team in consultation with the General Secretary. The Panel will conduct a preliminary review of the candidate’s materials and the chapter’s report of its review to ascertain if the candidate is prepared for an in-person review with the Panel. If not, the Panel will provide its rationale and suggestions to the candidate and the candidate’s chapter convener. If the candidate’s chapter does not have the critical mass for certification at her/his level, the authorized consultant and her/his chapter will also receive this information, in order to continue work with the candidate.
Review Panels will meet at each of the National Clinical Training Seminars on the day prior to the beginning of the scheduled events (currently there are two training seminars in the east and one in the west. Additional reviews may be scheduled in the west, and elsewhere if needed).

These changes will begin August 1, 2015 with the first Review Panel meeting at NCTS –West at its fall meeting. Candidates for certification can continue to use the existing process. However, certification reviews under for those using the current process will need to have been scheduled by August 1, 2015.

The Certification Team encourages members to read the revised certification process which is posted on the website. Your chapter’s Certification Team Representative is available to answer questions and to assist candidates and chapters through the process.




Jonathan Freedmann
Certification Chair

Posted by Perry Miller, Editor at May 30, 2015 6:43 PM

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