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The College of Pastoral Supervision & Psychotherapy is a theologically based covenant community, dedicated to "recovery of the soul" and promoting competency in the clinical pastoral field.

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February 28, 2015

Petition Congress for Health Care Chaplains


From Healthcare Chaplaincy:

Please petition Congress on the value of professional health care chaplaincy
We are collecting signatures for a petition that will be disseminated to members of Congress. It explains why and how professional health care chaplains cost-effectively improve patient and family experience and satisfaction with their health care. We urge you to sign the petition at and to share this with your professional network and everyone you know (does not need to be chaplains) who support the statement. The deadline for signatures is April 15th. Thank you.

Posted by Perry Miller, Editor at 1:07 PM

February 21, 2015

New CPSP Governing Council Members Selected


CPSP’s chapter conveners and diplomates have nearly completed the process of selecting representatives to the new Governing Council.

The Governing Council will meet for the first time on March 18, the day after CPSP’s 25th anniversary Plenary.

New Bylaws, adopted by consensus at a Governing Council meeting in November, establish a chapter-based form of governance that includes a Chapter of Chapters (CoC), a Chapter of Diplomates (CoD) and an Executive Chapter (EC), with an Administrator.

The CoC and CoD representatives were selected by their peers. Selection was regional, from among the chapter conveners, for the CoC, and “at large” for the CoD.

The two groups are both scheduled to meet for the first time within the next week.

The next step leading up to the Governing Council meeting on March 18th is the collaborative process of setting an agenda. Cynthia Olson, the interim Administrator, will coordinate the meeting.

Rounding out the Governing Council, the Executive Chapter (EC) will include the General Secretary, Treasurer, and President, along with three Chairs of Standing Committees.

The newly selected Governing Council members are:

Chapter of Chapters

Region 1:
Catherine Taylor, Pinehurst, NC
alternate: ​
Bob Griffin, Atlanta, GA

David Baker, Baltimore, MD
alternate: ​
David Berg, Chesapeake, MD

Region 3:
Kathi Jo Williams, Shawnee, KS
alternate: ​
Ronda Walker-Weaver, Timpanogos, UT

Region 4:
Juan Loya, Alamo, TX
​alternate: ​
Jim Kok, Centennial, CO

Asnel Valcin, Far Rockaway, NY
alternate: ​
Miriam Diephouse-McMillian, Trenton, NJ

Region 6, the International Cluster, has not yet been constituted.

Chapter of Diplomates

George Hankins-Hull (CPE Supervisor)

Francine Hernandez (CPE Supervisor)

Perry Miller (CPE Supervisor / Pastoral Psychotherapist)

Medicus Rentz (CPE Supervisor / Pastoral Psychotherapist)

David Roth (CPE Supervisor)

Charlie Starr (CPE Supervisor)

Submitted by:
David Roth, Operations Team Convener

Cynthia Olson, Interim Administrator

Posted by Perry Miller, Editor at 10:24 AM

February 15, 2015

FIVE REASONS TO GO TO THE PLENARY IN CHICAGO …besides the usual Plenary By David Roth

Every Plenary is special but this is CPSP’s 25th anniversary. It’s going to be a gathering unlike any before. If you’re still undecided about going, or simply haven’t made your plans, here are five more reasons to come to Chicago besides what brings us to the Plenary year after year.


1. BOISEN This year marks not only only CPSP’s 25th but also the 50th anniversary of Anton T. Boisen’s death. A full day Sunday is being devoted to the legacy of founder of the clinical pastoral care movement and his significance for our work today. Glenn Asquith will speak and receive the Dunbar award and Dr. Robert Charles Powell will offer a workshop on “Boisen as Clinician.” A special exhibit from the Boisen archives will be on display. A very special bonus: one lucky Plenary participant will be given a copy of The Exploration of the Inner World actually signed by Boisen.


2. FOOD (and ENTERTAINMENT) Chicago is a foodies paradise and the food at the banquets on Sunday and Tuesday will be excellent. But for the free meal times, within a block of the hotel in any direction, there are more outstanding places to eat than you could try out in a dozen Plenaries. The Weber Grill is literally right across the street. So is the famous Redhead Piano Bar (no food served here, just music and libations, no cover charge). Around the block is the Hard Rock Café. And the list goes on and on and on….


3. PARTY! Some loved karaoke at Plenary in years past but more than a few hated it. This year after Tuesday’s banquet there will be music and dancing as usual but it isn’t karaoke, it’s not old 45s, and it’s not a cheesy lounge singer. One Night Band, Chicago’s premiere cover band, will be playing Sinatra, Lenny Kravitz, Bruno Mars, James Brown, Elton John, Aerosmith, and more – and they’re really, really good!


4. ART Considered by many including TripAdviser to be the best art museum in America, the Art Institute of Chicago is just minutes from the site of the Plenary. This is not just another great art museum in a great city. Every painting at the Art Institute is considered a world-class masterpiece. Even if you can spend just a couple of hours there on your way back to the airport, don’t miss it.


5. FREEBIES No CPSP ballcaps this year. Instead, there’s a 25th anniversary coffee mug (with Anton Boisen’s image on it). A 25th anniversary Plenary poster (with Boisen’s image on it). And a free copy of Glenn Asquith’s book Vision From a Little Known Country: A Boisen Reader. Did we mention Boisen yet?

25th CPSP Annual Plenary

Download CPSP Plenary Brochure:


David Roth
25 CPSP Plenary Anniversary Chair

Posted by Perry Miller, Editor at 8:38 PM