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The College of Pastoral Supervision & Psychotherapy is a theologically based covenant community, dedicated to "recovery of the soul" and promoting competency in the clinical pastoral field.

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January 20, 2015

Tavistock Group Relations Conference April 27-29, 2015


The AK Rice Institute (AKRI) has announced a three-day group relations Conference in Chicago, April 27-29.

The experiential group relations conference, commonly referred to as Tavistock, is a requirement for all SITs to be certified as diplomates in CPSP. It is highly recommended as continuing education/training for diplomates and others.

The Conference titled "Leadership, Learning, and Change. Who's in Charge? Why Listen to Each Other?" precedes a major four-day event called The AKRI Dialogues 2 open to all those interested in group relations. CPSP members are invited to register for and attend both events but only participation in an actual Conference is a training requirement for SITs.

There will be other 2015 group relations conference opportunities. The 51st annual six-day AKRI conference, themed "Living with Differences," will be held in Dover, Mass., this June

Also, GREX, the West Coast branch of AKRI, expects to offer a three-day conference in the Bay Area in the Fall. Dates have not yet been announced.

For more information about the April conference, and to register:

For information about the full seven days, including the Conference and the Dialogues:

About the AK Rice Institute for Social Relations:

For an article by CPSP trainee Bill Sewall following his participation in the AK Rice 6-day conference:

Pastoral Report

Posted by Perry Miller, Editor at 8:41 PM

January 16, 2015

Chaplaincy Care for Veterans

HealthCare Chaplaincy Network will launch a web site called Chaplaincy Care for Veterans in early February. We are seeking military chaplains, VA chaplains, and other board-certified chaplains who have experience with Veterans (or who are veterans themselves) to staff our Chat With A Chaplain support line. Qualified candidates would need to be available to respond to requests for spiritual support through email, telephone and web cam. See attached job description for details. Interested applicants should submit their resumes to Ed Haran, VP of Human Resources at HCCN, via email at

The Rev. David Fleenor, BCC, ACPE Supervisor
Senior Director, Chaplaincy Services & Clinical Education
HealthCare Chaplaincy Network: Caring For The Human SpiritTM
T 212-644-1111 x231
F 212-758-9959
65 Broadway, 12th Floor | New York, NY 10006

Posted by Perry Miller, Editor at 7:49 PM

January 15, 2015



The Operations Team is working diligently to involve the CPSP community in forming the new Governing Council but to do so we need to be certain that everyone's personal and chapter information is current in the Directory.

Every chapter and each diplomate has an opportunity to participate in selecting representatives for the Chapter of Chapters and the Chapter of Diplomates, respectively. But this is only possible if we can reach you.

Please check to see that your email address is current. It is the only way we will be able to reach you. If your email is not current, please contact Krista Argiropolis to update it. And while you're at it, update anything else--snailmail, employment, phone, etc.--that may be out of date or incorrect.

Also, please check to see that your chapter convener is listed as such. You can do that by searching for their name in the directory. If the Convener is not identified as such, please contact Krista Argiropolis and let her know. If we don't know who your convener is, your chapter will not be able to participate in the governing process.

We will begin the new governance work within a week. Do not delay.

Many thanks.

David Roth
for the Operations Team

David Roth

Posted by Perry Miller, Editor at 8:28 PM

Summer and Fall National Clinical Seminar Dates Announced

Francine Hernandez, Convener of National Clinical Seminar - East, announces the dates of 2015 National Clinical Training Seminar- East training events: May 4-5, 2015 and
Monday, November 2-3, 2015. The venue will be Loyola Retreat Center in NJ.

NCTS- East, as always, participants will be involve in small psychodynamic group participation where clinical cases and life issues will be shared by all participants. Training Supervisors are expected to refer their trainees to the NCTS- East or NCTS-West training seminars.

Please enter these dates on your calendar.

Check back with the Pastoral Report for more details.

Dr. Francine Hernandez
Convener of NCTS -East

Posted by Perry Miller, Editor at 5:44 PM

January 11, 2015

Update on the New CPSP Governance Plan by David Roth


The Governing Council met last November in Chicago and adopted a framework for a new chapter-based form of governance of CPSP. By consensus, forty-five of our leaders, most of them conveners representing their chapters, accepted the proposed bylaws that were developed by my colleague David Baker and me at the request of the Governing Council when it met in Virginia Beach in March 2014.

The members of the Governing Council also delegated to the working group referred to as the Operations Team, which is led by me, short-term authority to act in its behalf as well as some additional work. We were asked to review, decide upon and make certain modifications to the bylaws and then to implement the governance plan by our Plenary in March.

My colleagues and I have taken up this charge and a finalized the text of the bylaws. We have selected one of our members, Cynthia Olson, to act as interim Administrator, a position that is defined in the newly adopted bylaws. We are about to begin the processes of selecting representatives for the Chapter of Chapters and the Chapter of Diplomates. All chapter conveners, as identified in the CPSP directory, will be contacted by email and by a member of our team to assure that the selection process for the Chapters is underway. We will also be contacting all diplomates to select their representative to serve the Diplomates. We expect these processes to be done expeditiously but responsibly.

Our new governance will be representative and the process of selection transparent. We have every reason to be hopeful that the spirit of the Covenant will pervade the process and that the results will include greater commitment to one another, to collaboration between chapters, and to seeking and promoting the highest standards of our pastoral care community. We are confident that the necessary governance groundwork will be finished in time to seat the new Governing Council by its scheduled meeting in March, following the 25th anniversary Plenary.

You will find the new CPSP Bylaws, along with a message from our team here:


Download: 2014 CPSP BYLAWS

The Operations Team
David Roth
Orville Brown
Ed Luckett
Cynthia Olson
Ed Pehanich
Ruth Zollinger

David Roth, Convener
CPSP Operation Tean

Posted by Perry Miller, Editor at 9:27 PM

Cancer: 'It Could Be Worse'-- a Spiritual Ponzi Scheme By Michael Eselun

Insights Into Cancer November 18, 2014 from Simms/Mann UCLA Center on Vimeo.

Michael Eselun is a CPSP Board Certified Clinical Chaplain and a member of the Los Angeles, CA Chapter. He serves as the interfaith chaplain for the Simms-Mann/UCLA Center for Integrative Oncology.

May 12, 2014 the Pastoral Report publish Michael's "It's Magic".

Michael Eselun, a CPSP Board Certified Clinical Chaplain, serves as the interfaith chaplain for the Simms-Mann/UCLA Center for Integrative Oncology. He has worked extensively in oncology, hospice, palliative care and with acute psychiatric patients. He's been invited countless times to speak to students, doctors, nurses, social workers, and faith communities about his work as a chaplain, on death and dying and the spiritual dimension of the cancer experience.

Posted by Perry Miller, Editor at 8:56 PM

January 8, 2015

A 25th Anniversary CPSP Plenary, with Boisen Conference


Celebrating 25 years as a community and honoring the memory of Anton T. Boisen, founder of the clinical pastoral care movement, members of CPSP and their guests will gather in Chicago from March 15-17 for the Plenary, our annual international conference.

Since 2015 is the 50th year since Boisen’s death, Sunday is devoted to "The Boisen Legacy for Today and Beyond: Thinking and Feeling Together about the Things That Matter Most." Dr. Robert Charles Powell will conduct a seminar on “Boisen as Clinician” and at the evening banquet Glenn H. Asquith, Jr., editor of Vision From A Little Known Country: A Boisen Reader, will speak on 'Anton T. Boisen: A Vision for All Ages' and receive the Helen Flanders Dunbar Award.

Monday and Tuesday will focus on small group work, with case studies and other presentations, as is our tradition, Workshops on certification, accreditation and chapter life will be offered. Plenary culminates and officially ends on Tuesday evening with a special 25th Anniversary Dinner, the presentation of certificates, and live entertainment and dancing.

On March 18, a newly formed, representative Governing Council will meet for the first time since CPSP adopted new Bylaws last November.

The Plenary is always a very special event gathering together of a diverse group of colleagues from around the world. It is an opportunity to meet, share with and learn from one another. We expect this year’s Plenary to be an event like none before. Register now and join us in Chicago!

DOWNLOAD: 2015 CPSP Plenary Brochure

The Plenary Planning Committee
David Roth
Krista Argiropolis
Ed Luckett
Robert Charles Powell
Scott Smith

David Roth

Posted by Perry Miller, Editor at 1:43 PM