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The College of Pastoral Supervision & Psychotherapy is a theologically based covenant community, dedicated to "recovery of the soul" and promoting competency in the clinical pastoral field.

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February 21, 2010


ROOM 30.  10 A.M.-12;  1 P.M.-3 P.M.  “Existential Psychotherapy and Supervision.”  George Gibbs, CPSP Diplomate, psychotherapist at The Ohio State University Harding Hospital.  A day long workshop on the basic concepts of existential philosophy and their application in psychotherapy and supervision.
ROOM 30.  3 P.M.-5 P.M.  “Health, Spirituality and Religion:  Perspectives of a Physician-Turned-Priest.”  Ronald David, M.D., M.Div.  Dr. David is a pediatrician who has become an Episcopal priest and chaplain in pursuit of his long interest in the science and theology of health.
ROOM 31.  10 A.M.-12.  “Gentle Hearts and Hands:  Healing Touch.”    Jane Reed, M.A., R.N.  Jane is a surgical nurse who became interested in energy work in its  variety of forms.  She will explain and demonstrate the polarity system, the chakra system, reflexology and vibration energy.

ROOM 31. 1 P.M.-3 P.M. “History and Theory of Shamanic Practice.” Deb Ling, M.A., M.Div. Deb is the shamanic trainer who will be a presenter at the plenary. She is the Director of the Center for Shamanic Practice and Spiritual Direction in Columbus. Attention will be given to a differentiation between spiritual direction and shamanic practice.

ROOM 31. 3 P.M.-5 P.M. “Improving Quality of Chaplaincy Services.” Henry Heffernan, CPSP Member, Chaplain. Henry is a scholar who has served CPSP in a consultative and teaching role for several years.

ROOM 32. 10 A.M.-12. “The Shamanic Drum.” Deb will discuss the historic nature of the drum in shamanic (and other) traditions. Persons making their own drums will need to pre-pay a drum-making kit of $115.

ROOM 32. 1 P.M.-3 P.M. “Advanced Body Talk Demonstration.” Mary Shields, Ph.D., Advanced Body Talk Practitioner.” Mary is a Reiki Master and Certified
Advanced Body Talk Instructor who practices in Columbus. She will feature a demonstration of powerful balance and Reiki methodology.

ROOM 32. 3 P.M.-5 P.M. “Psychergonomics: Holistic Wellness in the Workplace.” Robert Menz, CPSP Diplomatge. Bob is an Employee Counselor and EAP Director at Emerson Climate Technologies. He will present a holistic model of mind-body-spirit, understanding how psychosocial factors impact the health and well-being (or injury and sickness) of employees.

Except for the drum-making fee for Deb Ling, there is no charge for these workshops.

It will help Plenary planners if you can register for a workshop. Contact Jim Gebhart at

Detail information, including 2010 CPSP Plenary Brochure, can be found by clicking here.

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February 10, 2010


The National Association of Jewish Chaplains (NAJC) is inviting representatives of the CPSP community to attend a conference in Israel which will gather together organizations involved in spiritual care. This is a very exciting time in Israel as they develop chaplaincy. CPSP has been in the forefront of this effort with CPSP Diplomate, Rabbi Zahara Davidowitz supervising CPSP CPE programs in Jerusalem through the Schecter Seminary for the past three years. Zaharah’s CPSP CPE program is the cornerstone of the emerging consortium of spiritual care organizations.

The NAJC has invited ten representatives of CPSP and ten from ACPE to be part of this ground breaking conference to be held in May in Jerusalem. There will be instantaneous translation from Hebrew to English at the conference. After the two day conference the representatives from the US will enjoy a bus tour of Israel with opportunity to dialogue about ways we might cooperate in developing CPE in Israel and inviting Israeli CPE students to come to the US for a unit of training.

From the NY/NJ Chapter, Rabbi David Glicksman and I have signed up to go. We are looking for about five more CPSP people who want to be part of this venture. If you are interested in going or have questions about the trip please contact me at or telephone 732-937 8504. We want CPSP to be part of the developments in Israel.

Download Conference Flyer

Download Application Form

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February 9, 2010

Motorcycle Clubs and Hospital Chaplain Respond with Compassion to the Crisis in Haiti-- by Dr. Belen Gonzalez y Perez


On Sunday January 17th, 2010 I received a phone call from Demon, the TA’s Supreme President, he says “Chaplain Belen, Kase from the FMDs needs you to contact him; they need your help for a Fundraiser to Help the People of Haiti.” I immediately called Kase and learned that the Motorcycle Clubs (M.C. clubs) in Brooklyn and throughout the Metropolitan and surrounding area wanted to schedule a Fundraiser for Haiti on Saturday January 23rd of that same week.

As the chaplain to one of the M.C. clubs, I was being asked to be the custodian of the funds to be raised and to insure that the funds would make their destination to help the people of Haiti. It was my pleasure to do so.

“But to whom should the funds go?” I thought. I began to explore whether any of my fraternal benefit organizations like my insurance company or church affiliates were promoting matching funds initiatives. I was delighted to learn that they were. Donations could be matched one dollar per every two dollars donated. It was a dream for our charity fundraiser for Haiti. We could now raise as much as $1,000 and have it matched with an additional $500.00.

I could not wait to share the news with the M.C. clubs. They rejoiced with me to learn that such could be possible. Not only could we raise funds for Haiti on Saturday but also have our monies grow by the exponential charity of others. This was exciting!

Saturday arrived and that evening I attended the fundraiser for Haiti at the FMDs Dog House club in the Red Hook section of Brooklyn, New York. The Dog House was bustling with the M.C. club brothers and sisters that came from near and far. Everyone present was wearing their particular club patches that identify their membership and brotherhood. Their patches have beautiful art work in the form of sculls, bones, crosses. They come in many colors. Most of them wear leather and denim clothing—the choice of bikers. Sticking out like a sore thumb, I wear my club patches too that say “Chaplain Belen” in white bold letters across my left side, with the distinction that I also wear a black cassock and clerical collar identifying me as a member of the clergy.

The night went on and on and the M.C. club members enjoyed their time together for the cause of Haiti. We took pictures with each other, danced, played eight ball on the billiard table, and midway through the morning decided to make the formal announcement that we had reached our fundraiser goal. The music went silent and Kase, our FMD host ushered me to the center of the club with him to announced to all that $1,120.00 was raised and that a matching funds will add an additional $500.00 making it a successful fundraiser in the amount of $1,620.00 for the people of Haiti.

Everyone present applauded at their accomplishment. It was worth more than that. And so it is that this account is a testimony to the efforts and initiative of my fellow M.C. club brothers and sisters that dedicated their time and energy to respond with profound human regard and compassion to the people of Haiti. That very morning I wired the monies to the Lutheran World Relief organization. We are grateful that these resources will reach the people of Haiti in their time of need.
The Revered Dr. Belen Gonzalez y Perez, Director of Pastoral Care and Education, The Long Island College Hospital of Brooklyn and CPSP Diplomate. Email at

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February 6, 2010


In previous announcements on the CPSP Pastoral Report we called attention to the pre-conference workshops (April 10, 2010) which, this year, will feature a number of presenters as listed below. Since we have never had this number of workshops we need to plan carefully.

It will help if you identify which workshop(s) you plan to attends and reply to me by email. You are free to change your mind but it helps us to anticipate your needs. Late registrants will, of course, attend the workshop of choice if it is not filled.

The Shamanic Drum. Deborah Ling. Drum-making kit $115, sent to me in advance.

The History and Theory of Shamanic Practice. Deborah Ling, M.A.

Advanced Body Talk Demonstration. Mary Shields, Ph.D.

Gentle Hearts and Hands. Jane Reed, R.N.

Existential Psychotherapy and Supervision. (Workshop in two sections.) George Gibbs, CPSP Diplomate.

Psychoergonomics: Holistic Wellness in the Workplace. Robert Menz, CPSP Diplomate.

Improving the Quality of Chaplain Services. Henry Heffernam. (A review and discussion of current issues and recognized problems in the professionalism and continuing professional development of chaplains.)

Health, Spirituality, and Religion: Perspectives of a Physician-Turned-Priest.” Donald Davis, M.Div, M.D.

Before you move on to another task, please take a moment and email me your Pre-Conference Workshop preferences. Remember, you can change this at a later date. Email me at:

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February 3, 2010

CPSP PEOPLE IN THE NEWS: Basharat Masih---"Grandview CPE Continues to Grow"

The CPE training program at the Kettering Health Network's Grandview and Southview Medical Centers has been an accredited CPSP CPE training center for many years. Basharat Masih, CPSP Diplomate is the the program's director. Recently Dr. Masih was featured in the KHN TODAY Newsletter

The article reflects how the CPSP's CPE program has avoided the trap of being one bound by an educational model focused only on professional development:

Clinical Pastoral Education at Grandview and Southview Medical Centers does more than help pastors and seminarians improve their ministry to the sick and troubled. The skills they learn apply to all parts of their lives, giving the program an impact well beyond the hospital.

Junann Johnson of Kentucky, a recent seminary graduate said:

"The program helped me to see how to minister to people without beating them over the head with the Bible," said Johnson, who completed the program in July. "It helped me to see that sometimes (as) Basharat always told us, 'you don't have to do, you have to be.' "

The compete article can be read on the KHN TODAY Newsletter site by clicking here.

-Perry Miller, Editor

Basharat Masih, CPSP Diplomate is a member of the Chapel Hill CPSP Chapter and he can be contacted by clicking here.

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