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The College of Pastoral Supervision & Psychotherapy is a theologically based covenant community, dedicated to "recovery of the soul" and promoting competency in the clinical pastoral field.

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September 23, 2004

New Health Privacy Regulations: How HIPPA Rules & Regulations Impact Pastoral Visitors by George Hankins-Hull

Pastoral Care departments across the country have had to interpret how the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act or HIPAA governs the release of patient information to pastoral care providers.

The basic intent of HIPAA is very simple: to keep a firm grasp on the confidentiality rights and needs of patients, while not encumbering their treatment.

This includes making certain that the patient understands all of their rights about care and the necessary release of information to provide that care while still protecting the patient's privacy.

In the light of the new HIPAA regulations Pastoral care departments have had to develop new policies, protocols and procedures to guide the release of patient's information to pastoral care visitors. I have written New Health Privacy Regulations: How HIPPA Rules & Regulations Impact Pastoral Visitors (Download file)to provide local pastoral care providers, in the Lakes Region of NH, information as to how HIPAA impacts them and the type of information they can obtain about a patient at LRGHealthcare.

I think it would be helpful to other Pastoral Care departments to see how various health care institutions are providing protected patient information to pastoral care providers in other parts of the country. If you agree, please share how your department is addressing the HIPAA regulation.

Posted by Perry Miller at 10:26 AM

September 14, 2004


Richard Liew led a group that included John deVelder and me to Singapore
following the August International Congress on Pastoral Care and
Counseling in India. The purpose of the Singapore visit was to meet with
the Anglican Bishop of Singapore, The Rt Rev John Chew and a gathering
of clergy of his diocese.

Bishop Chew has sponsored six of his clerics to train as clinical
pastoral supervisors under Richard’s supervision, with a view toward
creating an indigenous southeast Asian clinical pastoral community.
Richard has designed a two-year program that brings the trainees to New
York for three extended periods of time over the next two years. The
remainder of their training will take place by internet and mail.

Bishop Chew wanted the clergy of his diocese to hear of the progress of
this program and to see the actors face-to-face. He seemed to be happy
with the results and the direction of the program thus far.

In decades past, Singapore was introduced to clinical pastoral
supervision by Al Dalton and Keith Keidel. However, the training ceased
when these men left for home. The program designed by Richard Liew and
Bishop Chew intends to remedy the dependence on Western resources.
Richard clearly has the ear of the Bishop, and the Anglican Church is a
major player in Singaporean society. The four clerics who were appointed
to this training are clearly persons of substance and obvious leadership

Richard Liew’s vision and capacity to innovate deserves our hearty

Posted by Perry Miller, Editor at 12:57 PM

September 13, 2004

Ratification Review Committee Update and Review Deadline for Candidates

Willliam Carr, Chair of the Ratification Review Committee, provided the PR with the following announcement:

On August 2, 2004 Raymond Lawrence, CPSP General Secretary, announced to the CPSP community that the CPSP Executive Committee, at its meeting on June 25 and 26, changed the name of the Certification Committee to the Council's Ratification Review Committee (CRRC) and authorized it to prepare to review candidates from the Chapters prior to the next meeting of the CPSP Council on December 3, 2004.

The following are the members of the Council's Ratification Review Committee:

* Ron Allen, Pastoral Counselor, Stoney Mountain Chapter
* Nancy Markham Bugbee, Clinical Chaplain, Denver South Platte River Chapter
* Bill Carr, Chair, Diplomate, Chapel Hill Chapter
* Leslie Lippert, Diplomate, Columbus Chapter
* Kay Myers, Diplomate, Ohio Valley Chapter
* Ed Outlaw, Diplomate, Missouri River Valley Chapter
* Foy Richey, Diplomate, Rocky Mountain Chapter
* Anna Maria Sanders, Pastoral Counselor, Hammock Lake Chapter
* Jan Seymour, Clinical Chaplain, Nautilus Chapter

The CRRC has met six times this summer and has worked many hours to prepare procedures and forms to expedite the review process. Those are now attached to this email in Microsoft Word format for your use. Please contact me immediately if you are unable to open the attachments.

The CRRC is now ready to receive ratification requests from Chapter Conveners in preparation for the December 3 Council meeting. Kindly follow the directions in the Ratification Procedures.

Please fill out the appropriate face sheet for your candidates and send them as soon as possible. The Deadline is October 12, 2004. The CRRC will be unable to review requests that arrive later than this date.

The Committee and I are eager to help you to secure ratification for your candidates. Please contact me if you have questions. You may reach me at this email address or by phone at 206-463-2669.

Bill Carr, Chair
Council's Ratification Review Committee

The Ratification Procedure, Face Sheets and other necessary documents for candidates and Chapters cab be downloaded from

Posted by Perry Miller, Editor at 9:46 PM