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The College of Pastoral Supervision & Psychotherapy is a theologically based covenant community, dedicated to "recovery of the soul" and promoting competency in the clinical pastoral field.

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May 28, 2004


To the CPSP Council and Community:

The duties of the CPSP Treasurer have now been transferred to Charles Kirby at Pardee Hospital in Hendersonville, North Carolina.

All correspondence related to membership dues, accreditation fees, invoices for payment and other CPSP financial matters should now be directed to Rev. Kirby, CPSP Diplomate.

Rev. Kirby may be contacted as follows:

Mailing address:

The Rev. Charles D. Kirby
CPSP Treasurer
P. O. Box 6551
Hendersonville, NC 28793-6551



Office: 828-696-1168
Fax: 828-696-1167

CPSP is currently in sound financial condition. My thanks to the leaders and members of CPSP with whom I have worked as Treasurer these past thirteen years for your help and cooperation. I hope you will also lend your support, cooperation and good will to Charles as he assumes the duties of Treasurer.

Bill Carr
CPSP Treasurer (Out-Going)

Posted by Perry Miller, Editor at 12:41 PM

May 20, 2004


From the very conception of the CPSP, the Covenant served as a powerful and concise statement conveying the heart and soul of who we are and what we strive to become as a community dedicated to "recovery of soul". For many it is a sacred document. It is read aloud at every Plenary meeting. Many Chapters begin their meetings with its reading. I recall the late Dr. Don Gum, Past President of CPSP, often share how he would be moved to tears as it was being read aloud during our gatherings.

As CPSP has evolved, it has become clear for some years now that this "sacred" document no longer reflects many of the new creations the CPSP has become as we have grown and expanded. Credit is due to Roger Mace and the Asheville, NC Chapter for their willingness to update the CPSP Covenant. This they did in a very thoughtful and respectful manner. Their revisions were presented to the March 2004 meeting of the Governing council and were accepted.

The PR encourages you to download the PDF file containing the revised Covenant for your use as well as for distribution. -Perry Miller, Editor


We, the CPSP members, see ourselves as spiritual pilgrims seeking a truly collegial professional community. Our calling and commitments are, therefore, first and last theological. We covenant to address one another and to be addressed by one another in a profound theological sense. We commit to being mutually responsible to one another for our professional work and direction.

Matters that are typically dealt with in other certifying bodies by centralized governance will be dealt with primarily in Chapters. Thus, we organize ourselves in such a way that we each participate in a relatively small group called a Chapter consisting of approximately a dozen colleagues. Teaching or counseling programs directed by CPSP Diplomates are the primary responsibility of the chapter.

We commit ourselves to a galaxy of shared values that are as deeply held as they are difficult to communicate. “Recovery of soul” is a metaphor that points toward these values. We place a premium on the significance of the relationships among ourselves. We value personal authority and creativity. We believe we should make a space for one another and stand ready to midwife one another in our respective spiritual journeys. Because we believe that life is best lived by grace, we believe it essential to guard against becoming invasive, aggressive, or predatory toward each other. We believe that persons are always more important than institutions, and even the institution of CPSP itself must be carefully monitored lest it take on an idolatrous character.

We intend to travel light, to own no property, to accumulate no wealth, and to create no bureaucracy. We are invested in offering a living experience that reflects human life and faith within a milieu of a supportive and challenging community of fellow pilgrims.


Download revised_cpsp_covenant.pdf

Posted by Perry Miller, Editor at 7:11 PM



The previously announced date of next year's Plenary was incorrect, due
to a miscommunication.

The CPSP 2005 Plenary will be April 7-9 in Columbus, Ohio.

Please correct this information on all your records.

Raymond Lawrence
General Secretary

Posted by Perry Miller, Editor at 10:49 AM

May 16, 2004


The biannual National Clinical Training Seminar (NCTS), usually held during spring and fall of each year, was held May 6th through 7th at the St. Ignatius Retreat House, Manhasset, New York.

This event brought together an ethnically and religiously diverse group of pastoral counselors, supervisory trainees in clinical pastoral education, chaplain interns and supervisors from New Jersey, and the New York area.

Participants were assigned to small groups where they presented their professional and clinical work for consultation. Time was also scheduled for each participant to report on his or her learning to the larger group. This exercise serves to inculcate in the participant ownership of his/her own learning and enables an assessment of the participant’s openness to supervision. Furthermore, the learning is shared with those who were not in the presenter’s small group.

The Tavistock group relations session, with Raymond J. Lawrence, Jr. as consultant, is an ongoing model of group theory and practice during NCTS events. This model continues to offer invaluable insight into the “here and now” conscious and unconscious dynamics of group in relation to leadership and authority. It also provides participants with the space to exercise their personal authority and leadership if they so choose to. During this event, resistance to the authority of the consultant both by the participants and the training staff was identified as the dominant posture of the group. Concerns pertaining to the dichotomy of supervisors and trainees within the group were raised and the question about commitment in light of the fact that some of the participants were not there for the Tavistock relations session.

We were honored by the presence of Dr. Lester Ruiz, Assistant Dean and Professor at New York Theological Seminary. He shared with us an inspiring presentation on Problems in Theological Reflections in Pastoral Supervision. He presented substantive issues that we face in terms of pastoral theology. He stated the need to articulate clinical experiences in religious language. He invited us to struggle with the two possible places where problems occur (1) meta-theoretical (plurality and difference) and meta-theological (how do things hang together). He further shared vignettes of his own training during his CPE residency. He gave critical comments on the “Benchmarks for a Pastoral Diagnosis” by Raymond Lawrence.

Posted by Perry Miller, Editor at 3:17 PM

May 12, 2004


May 3, 2004

To: All Members of the Community

From: Raymond J. Lawrence
General Secretary

I write to bring you up to date on recent developments.

The 2005 Plenary Meeting is scheduled for April 7-9, in Columbus. Ohio. Jim Gebhart is chair of the planning committee. He welcomes any suggestions. Discussions are underway for hiring a bus to bring people from the New York area.

I am happy to announce that Charles Kirby is our new treasurer, replacing Bill Carr, who has resigned after 14 years of very competent service. We thank Bill for his considerable work over the years, and we welcome Charles' eagerness to further our common work by offering his time and energy for this task.

I am also happy to announce that Barbara McGuire has agreed to serve as Registrar of CPSP. This task will be the organization and updating of our membership roster. This is a new position, one that is necessary with our expanding membership. This task has been previously performed by Bill Carr and George Hull.

Our newly installed president, Richard Liew, is calling for a meeting of the Executive Committee in Washington, DC, June 25-26, to be held at the College of Preachers, Washington National Cathedral. We will convene with lunch on the 25th. Concurrent with the meeting of the ExCom, we are inviting all interested and committed persons to join us to plan for the future of CPSP. Conveners are especially encouraged to attend. However, you are not required to be currently holding a position of leadership to attend this meeting. CPSP belongs to all of us, and those who are inspired to help shape the future should feel invited to this meeting. The only limitation to attendance is the capacity of the College of Preachers. The maximum space available is for about 30 persons. The facilities are available to us from Friday lunch through Monday breakfast. You can elect to stay over through Monday morning and combine recreation with work, and you are free to bring a roommate. If the facilities become overbooked, the ExCom will arbitrate as to who will be registered. Those interested should register their interest with Maria Villanueva at 212-305-5817 or

Please note that the next meeting of the Governing Council will be December 3-4, in Alexandria, VA. Details will be provided later.

I remind all conveners that it is their responsibility to see that their Chapter's directory information is updated. We will be posting on the web a revised and corrected directory next month.

Our web page is fully operational. This is our “news” website, Perry Miller, editor. We encourage you to register your email address on the PR in the space provided so that you can be informed automatically when new information appears. It is also important you provide the PR with news, announcements and articles for publication. Our web page is still under construction. This is our “documents” website, Ben Bogia, editor. This site should be up and running very soon. Please note that our directory of Chapters and members previously listed will not appear. It had a history of vulnerability to e-mail spam. In its place will be aforementioned directory, which will appear as a downloadable PDF file.

Clarification on Accreditation: Our current practice is that CPSP training centers are by definition accredited when a Diplomate in supervision is in place in the institution. Within six months of inaugurating the program, however, a consultative site visit is required. Some centers have delayed scheduling such a site visit. What this means is that the center in question has allowed accreditation to lapse. I encourage your attention to this matter.

The Council approved in its March meeting the certification of “Associate Clinical Chaplain” credentials. The category is designed for persons not trained in academic theology, lacking an M.Div. or equivalent, but otherwise certifiable as a board certified chaplain.

I urge conveners to contact me for any matters which are unclear or for problems that need to be addressed. I can be reached working hours, eastern time at 212-305-5817, and in the evening at 212-307-1573, and

Posted by Perry Miller, Editor at 12:05 PM